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Looking to sell electronic components on-line? This may be the place!

Do you have surplus electronic components you wish to sell? Have you been a victim of distributors with MOQs (minimum order quantities) that forced you to buy more than you needed? Well perhaps this is the place to sell some of that excess inventory!

I started this site after going through the MOQ loop several times and hearing tales of woe from other people with the same problem. Lots of us get in the situation where we need a particular part that we can't find anywhere in small quantities and end up being "forced" by the local distributors to buy 1000 pieces when we only really need 200! What happens to the rest? Well usually it's a case of "one day.....".

Now there is a way where you could possibly help someone in need and at the same time recover some of that tied up money. List you components on here!

What does it cost? Nothing, but you have to register first. To register send us an e-mail by clicking on the ADMIN button above requesting an account. We then put you into our "members" database with 20 listing credits and give you a username and password which you can change as you like. Access to your account is then by clicking on the LOG IN button above which allows you to place and edit you own listings.

Need more listing credits? Again just send us an e-mail requesting more credits and we'll do the rest.

Questions or want to list your components? Click on the ADMIN button above to send us an e-mail and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

Note: Ozcomponents.com has no involvement with your sales and does not get involved with any disputes between yourself, as seller, and the buyer, nor do we keep any information about you or your sales/enquiries other than the information available in your membership profile. We reserve the right to change the listing charge and/or listing period without any prior notice.

ozcomponents.com is a site for selling and buying electronic components. It is not an auction site. People can list electonic component part numbers for sale together with quantities and prices. Buyers contact sellers directly and negotiate prices agreeable to both, ozcomponents.com do not have any involvement in the transaction.