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Frequently asked questions

Obviously with a new site we don't yet have too many questions so we'll make some up!

Q: What does it cost me to buy through Ozcomponents.com?
A: Absolutely nothing apart from what the seller charges you! We don't charge you for using our service. In fact we hope you will like it enough to place your own listings!

Q: What does it cost to list a part on Ozcomponents.com?
A: Listings are free! But you have to register. Send us an e-mail (click on ADMIN above) and we will set up an account for you.

Q: How do I list components?
A: Send us an e-mail - Click on the ADMIN button above and send us an email with your full name and contact telephone number. We will set up an account for you and send you the details by e-mail.

Q: What about GST?
A: GST should be included - All your prices should include GST if you are required to charge GST.

Q: Can I sell second-hand components?
A: Yes - as long as the listing clearly states "used" or "pulls" or something similar, otherwise all components should be taken as being either "new" or "new old stock".

Q: Do you charge a percentage of sales?
A: No - just the listing charge. What your total sales are is none of our concern.

Q: I have a dispute with a buyer/seller - can you help?
A: Generally no! However if we find a particular seller is deliberately deceiving buyers then we reserve the right to remove all their listings without any re-imbursement of fees paid.

Q: I want to ask you a question
A: Great - Just click on the ADMIN button above to send us an e-mail. I was beginning to run out of ideas!

ozcomponents.com is a site for selling and buying electronic components. It is not an auction site. People can list electonic component part numbers for sale together with quantities and prices. Buyers contact sellers directly and negotiate prices agreeable to both, ozcomponents.com do not have any involvement in the transaction.