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Part Number QuantityDescription
1210GC221KAT1A17,000220pF 10% X7R SM CAPACITORquery
1210GC221KAT1A16000220pF 10% X7R SM CAPACITORquery
1825CC104KAZ1A30000.1uF 600volts 10% X7R SM CAPACITORquery
21P15C1021.6 MHz xtal filterquery
2651N1PULLS - Peripheral Interquery
2N113228PNP 50V 600mA 0.6Wquery
2N161316NPN 30V 500mA 0.8Wquery
2N189335NPN 80V 500mA 0.8Wquery
2N210210NPN 65V 1A 1Wquery
2N221824NPN 60V 800mA 0.8Wquery
2N2222110NPN 30V 800mA 0.8Wquery
2N2270110NPN 45V 1A 1Wquery
2N2484663NPN 60V 100mA 360mWquery
2N30199NPN 80V 1A 0.8Wquery
2N30536NPN 40V 0.7A 1Wquery
2N30554NPN 60V 15A 150Wquery
2N30555NPN 60V 15A 150Wquery
2N356888NPN 60V 500mA 0.625Wquery
2N3568528NPN 60V 500mA 350mWquery
2N356910NPN 40V 500mA 360mWquery
2N3638A25PNP 25V 500mA 300mWquery
2N364155NPN 30V 500mA 350mWquery
2N364333NPN 30V 500mA 350mWquery
2N3645144PNP 60V 500mA 300mWquery
2N371621NPN 100V 10A 150Wquery
2N373918NPN 300V 1A 20Wquery
2N377113NPN 40V 30A 150Wquery
2N379115PNP 60V 10A 150Wquery
2N380711PNP 60V 50mA dualquery
2N3955A3N-chan JFET dual 50V 5mAquery
2N396210PNP 60V 200mA 360mWquery
2N4033917PNP 80V 1A 0.8Wquery
2N403628PNP 65V 1A 5Wquery
2N424025NPN 300V 2A 35Wquery
2N425042PNP 40V 200mW LNquery
2N435148N-chan enh MOSFET 25V 375mWquery
2N435248P-chan enh mode MOSFET 25V 300mWquery
2N435551PNP 60V 500mA 360mWquery
2N435642PNP 80V 1A 625mWquery
2N439247N-chan JFET 40Vquery
2N490611PNP 80V 5A 87.5Wquery
2N491514NPN 80V 5A 87.5Wquery
2N50880NPN 30V 50mA 625mWquery
2N508929NPN 25V 50mA 625mWquery
2N519536PNP 80V 4Aquery
2N540117PNP 150V 200mA 350mWquery
2N541643PNP 300V 1A 1Wquery
2N546218P-chan JFET 40Vquery
2N54854N-chan JFET 25V 10mA 325mWquery
2N555129NPN 160V 600mA 625mWquery
2N56302NPN 140V 16A 200Wquery
2N563212NPN 100V 10A 150Wquery
2N56344NPN 140V 10A 150Wquery
2N5657100NPN 350V 0.5A 20Wquery
2N57601NPN 140V 6A 150Wquery
2N587210PNP 80V 7A 115Wquery
2N6027185Prog UJT 40Vquery
2N603010PNP 120V 16A 200Wquery
2N60318PNP 140V 16A 200Wquery
2N603617PNP 80V 5A 40W Darlingtonquery
2N604419NPN 80V 8A 75W Darlingtonquery
2N60526PNP 100V 12A 150W Darlingtonquery
2N60593NPN 100V 12A 150W Darlingtonquery
2N612333NPN 80V 4A 40Wquery
2N613122NPN 80V 7A 50Wquery
2N61334PNP 60V 7A 50Wquery
2N613417PNP 80V 7A 50Wquery
2N619318PNP 100V 5A 1Wquery
2N622832PNP 140V 6A 150Wquery
2N622919PNP 100V 10A 150Wquery
2N62316PNP 140V 10A 150Wquery
2N642511PNP 300V 1A 20Wquery
2N643816PNP 120V 25A 200Wquery
2N6517600NPN 350V 250mA 625mWquery
2N6520109PNP 350V 0.5A 0.625Wquery
2N654515NPN 400V 8A 125Wquery
2N660919PNP 140V 16A 150Wquery
2N66587N chan 90V 2A MOSFETquery
2N8079PNP Ge 25V 100mA 75mW 18MHz (vintage)query
2SA9685PNP 160V 1.5A 25Wquery
2SC22385NPN 160V 1.5A 25Wquery
3.579MHz100+Crystal HC49/Squery
3N1581P-chan enh mode MOSFET 35V 250mWquery
4.000MHz100+Resonator 2-pinquery
4816P-T01-1031000+8 x 10k resistor packquery
4N3524Opto couplerquery
5082-280014Hot-carrier Schottky diodequery
6701D4PULLS - 4-Bit Microprocequery
7438N2PULLS - Quad 2-Input NANquery
74LS04NmanyPULLS - Hex Invertersquery
74LS08NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Input ANDquery
74LS10PCmanyPULLS - 3-Input NANDquery
74LS11NmanyPULLS - Triple 3-Input Aquery
74LS139manyPULLS - Dual 1-OF-4 Decoquery
74LS14NmanyPULLS - Hex Schmitt Trigquery
74LS1542PULLS - 4-Line to 16-Linquery
74LS154N4PULLS - 4-Line to 16-Linquery
74LS169DCmanyPULLS - 4-Bit Binary Up-query
74LS169PCmanyPULLS - 4-Bit Binary Up-query
74LS253NmanyPULLS - 4-Line Digital Mquery
74LS257ANmanyPULLS - 3-STATE Quad 2-Dquery
74LS257PCmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Data Selequery
74LS32NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Input ORquery
74LS367AN1PULLS - Hex 3-STATE Buffquery
74LS373NmanyPULLS - Octal D-type Traquery
74LS374NmanyPULLS - Octal D-Type Fliquery
74LS377NmanyPULLS - Octal D-Type Fliquery
74LS74ANmanyPULLS - Dual D-type Flipquery
74S00NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Input NAquery
74S04NmanyPULLS - Hex Invertersquery
74S10NmanyPULLS - 3-Input NANDquery
74S112NmanyPULLS - Dual J-K Flip-Flquery
74S11N3PULLS - Triple 3 Input Aquery
74S153NmanyPULLS - 4-Line Digital Mquery
74S157NmanyPULLS - 2-Line Digital Mquery
74S157PCmanyPULLS - 2-Line Digital Mquery
74S253N3PULLS - 4-Line Digital Mquery
74S257NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Data Selequery
74S32NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Input ORquery
74S38N1PULLS - Quad 2-Input NANquery
74S51N1PULLS - 2-2-3-3-Input ANquery
74S74manyPULLS - Dual D-Type Fliquery
8.000MHz10+Crystal HC49/Uquery
8.000MHz100+Crystal HC49/Squery
93422PC15PULLS - static RAM, 256 query
93L422-PCmanyPULLS - static RAM, 256 query
93S46PC10PULLS - 6-Bit Identity Cquery
93S47PC1PULLS - 6-Bit Identity Cquery
AD561JD1PULLS - 10-Bit Monolithiquery
AM2149-45DC4PULLS - static RAM, 1K xquery
AM2504PC6PULLS - Successive Approquery
AM25LS14DCmanyPULLS - 8 x 1 Bit Multipquery
AM25S18PCmanyPULLS - Quadruple D-Typequery
AM2901APC17PULLS - 4-bit ALU, bit squery
AM2901BPC10PULLS - 4-bit ALU, bit squery
AM2901CPC5PULLS - 4-bit ALU, bit squery
AM2910DC1PULLS - microsequencerquery
AM29705PC4PULLS - 16 word by 4-Bitquery
AM29F010B-120JC60IC, SM, FLASH, 5V, 1MB query
AY-5-1013A2PULLS - UARTquery
BB1195Varicap diodequery
BF19968NPN 40V 25mA 300mW RFquery
BF256A45N-chan JFET 30V 7mA 350mWquery
BTS723GW2470Smart High-Side Power Switchquery
BU2066NPN 800V 2.5A 10Wquery
CA3054manyPULLS - Dual Differentiaquery
CD4093BCN20Quad NANDquery
CD74HC74E25Dual D flip flopquery
D52A248Reed Relay 24Vdc, 2 form Aquery
D8755A1PULLS - 2K x 8-bit EPROMquery
DA2a-12V24Reed relay 12Vdc, 2 form Aquery
DF10S14501.5A 1kV Bridge Rectifier SMDquery
DIN5Way180FemInline34DIN Cable Conn. Fem 5Way 180Degquery
DINSplitter20Splitter 5way180deg male to 2 femalequery
DIS12911PULLS - 6 char LED displquery
DM74LS169NmanyPULLS - 4-Bit Binary Up-query
DM74S257NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Data Selequery
DM74S74NmanyPULLS - Dual D-Type Fliquery
DM8160NmanyPULLS - 6-Bit Magnitude query
DM8556NmanyPULLS - Modulo-N Up Counquery
DS2-M-DC24V9Min polar relay, 24Vdc, 2 form Cquery
DS2-M-DC48V8Min polar relay, 48Vdc . 2 form Cquery
DS4-M-DC48V4Min polar 48Vdc relay. 4 form Cquery
DS8835NmanyPULLS - Quad TRI-STATE Bquery
DS8838NmanyPULLS - Quad Unified Busquery
DSUB15Fem80DSUB 15 Fem Cable Conn. no shellquery
EEV-FK1C332M14023300uF 16V Alum Electrolytic SMD Capacitquery
F6821P2PULLS - Peripheral Interquery
F68A10P5PULLS - static RAM, 128 query
F68B10P4PULLS - static RAM, 128 query
Farnell110-1098300Banana plug Stainless stquery
FBR46ND003-P25Min polar relay 3Vdc, 2 form Cquery
FBR46ND00540Min polar Relay 5Vdc, 2 form Cquery
FBR46ND012-P8Min polar relay 12Vdc, 2 form Cquery
FBR621D0241PCB mount 24Vdc min powequery
FBR621D0486PCB mount 48Vdc min powequery
GFS-210M14Ref. oscillator 12.00MHzquery
HCF4094BE258 stage shift/store regiquery
HL2-P-DC48V12Plug in DC48V 2 form Cquery
HM468A10P1PULLS - static RAM, 128 query
HN462732G100+PULLS - UV eprom 4k x 8query
HN482764G30UV Eprom 8k x 8query
HY6264ALP-102Static ram 8k x 8query
IL3001000Linear Optocouplerquery
INS2651N2PULLS - Peripheral Interquery
IR21011000MOSFET gate driverquery
IRF12020N chan 100V 8A 0.3 ohmquery
IRF1312300080V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFETquery
IRF52022N chan 100V 8A 0.3 ohmquery
IRF6306N chan 200V 9A 0.4 ohmquery
IRF95203P chan 100V 6A 0.6 ohmquery
IRG4PC50KD1000IGBT 600V 30Aquery
IRG4PH50KD1000IGBT 1200V 24Aquery
KUMP-11D5G-24V1HD power relay, 2 form Cquery
LH00801PULLS - Z80 CPUquery
LM35914Op Ampquery
LM380191w Audio ampquery
LM395H9Ultra Reliable Power Transistorquery
LT1010CT10Buffer ICquery
LT1129CQ-5550Linear Voltage Regulator ICquery
LT167710Precision Operational Amplifierquery
M27C1001-10F1216EPROM CMOS 1MB-UV query
M29F010B-70N1422FLASH 1MB, SMDquery
M4-48H490DIP relay 48Vdc 2 form Cquery
M74LS112AP20Dual JK flip flopquery
MAS70S60DIN 45329 7pole male Connector query
MC14011CP24Quad 2 input NANDquery
MC14060BCP7814 stage divider & clockquery
MC14093BCP21Quad 2 input Schmitt NANquery
MC68HC11E0CFN32238-Bit Microcontroller IC query
MC68HC16Z1CPV166016-Bit Microcontroller ICquery
MC68HC711E9CFN3168 bit OTP microquery
MCM68A10P5PULLS - static RAM, 128 query
MCM68B10P4PULLS - static RAM, 128 query
MD700318PNP 40V 50mA dualquery
MJ29553PNP 100V 15A 150Wquery
MJ4812NPN 60V 4A 87.5Wquery
MJ4912PNP 60V 4A 87.5Wquery
MJE1503015NPN 150V 5A 50Wquery
MJE29554PNP 70V 10Aquery
MK3880N2PULLS - Z80 CPUquery
MK3881N2PULLS - Z80 PIO, 2.5MHzquery
MK3881N-41PULLS - Z80 PIO, 4MHzquery
MK3882N-42PULLS - Z80 CTC, 4MHzquery
MK3883N-41PULLS - Z80 DMA, 4MHzquery
MK3885N-41PULLS - Z80 SIO, 4MHzquery
MK4027N-3manyPULLS - dynamic RAM, 4K query
MOD1492k56002k5 MOD pot 1/8" metal squery
MPF10617N-chan JFET 25V 30mA 200mWquery
MPS-U0425NPN 180V 1A 1Wquery
MPSA06259NPN 80V 500mA 625mWquery
MPSA12345NPN 20V 1.2A 625mW Darlingtonquery
MPSA4245NPN 300V 500mA 625mWquery
MPSA5629PNP 80V 500mA 625mWquery
MPSA92215PNP 300V 100mA 625mWquery
MS3102R18-1P610 pin Envro Newquery
MS3106A18-1P110 Pin Newquery
MS3106F18-1P110 pin Enviro Newquery
MS3106F18-1S710 pin Enviro usedquery
MS3108F18-1P110 pin R/T Enviro Newquery
MSM2716AS6PULLS - EPROM, 2K x 8query
MT8870DE10DTMF decoderquery
MT8880AE14DTMF Transceiverquery
MTP2N9032N chan MOSFET 900V 2A 75Wquery
N82S09N1PULLS - static RAM, 64 xquery
N8T26ANmanyPULLS - Quad Bus-Line Trquery
N8T97NmanyPULLS - Non-Inverting-Fuquery
NC2D-JP-DC12V1Flat polar 12Vdc Relay. 2 form Cquery
NF2-5V2Flat non-polar 5Vdc Relay. 2 form Cquery
NF4-12V2Flat 12Vdc Relay, 4 form Cquery
NSD20513PNP 80V 1A 10Wquery
P87C51FA-4A2878BIT MCU OTP 8K, SMD, 87C51query
PA042Hybrid Amplifier, socket MS05, H/Sk HS06query
PN3638A13PNP 25V 800mA 625mWquery
PN364124NPN 30V 500mA 350mWquery
PN3645146PNP 60V 500mA 625mW NS,Fquery
PN424835PNP 40V 50mA 200mW low noisequery
S14Red300Banana Socketquery
S6802P1PULLS - 8-bit uPquery
SC28L92A1A78UART, DUAL, 3.3V OR 5V, SMDquery
SCN2651C1PULLS - Peripheral Interquery
SN54LS74AJmanyPULLS - Dual D-type Flipquery
SN54S113PULLS - Triple 3 Input Aquery
SN54S51J3PULLS - 2-2-3-3-Input ANquery
SN74123N2PULLS - Dual Monostable query
SN74154N1PULLS - 4-Line to 16-Linquery
SN74273N1PULLS - 8-Bit Register wquery
SN7438N4PULLS - Quad 2-Input NANquery
SN7497N4PULLS - Rate Multiplierquery
SN7497PC1PULLS - Rate Multiplierquery
SN74LS00N6PULLS - Quad 2-Input NANquery
SN74LS04NmanyPULLS - Hex Invertersquery
SN74LS08J4PULLS - Quad 2-Input ANDquery
SN74LS08NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Input ANDquery
SN74LS10NmanyPULLS - 3-Input NANDquery
SN74LS11NmanyPULLS - Triple 3-Input Aquery
SN74LS139manyPULLS - Dual 1-OF-4 Decoquery
SN74LS14NmanyPULLS - Hex Schmitt Trigquery
SN74LS193NmanyPULLS - 4-Bit Binary Up-query
SN74LS253ANmanyPULLS - 4-Line Digital Mquery
SN74LS253NmanyPULLS - 4-Line Digital Mquery
SN74LS257NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Data Selequery
SN74LS32NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Input ORquery
SN74LS367AN4PULLS - Hex 3-STATE Buffquery
SN74LS373NmanyPULLS - Octal D-type Traquery
SN74LS374NmanyPULLS - Octal D-Type Fliquery
SN74LS377NmanyPULLS - Octal D-Type Fliquery
SN74LS377NmanyPULLS - Octal D-Type Fliquery
SN74LS630N2PULLS - 16-Bit Parallel query
SN74LS74ANmanyPULLS - Dual D Flip-Flopquery
SN74S00NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Input NAquery
SN74S04NmanyPULLS - Hex Invertersquery
SN74S08NmanyPULLS - 2-Input ANDquery
SN74S10NmanyPULLS - 3-Input NANDquery
SN74S112NmanyPULLS - Dual J-K Flip-Flquery
SN74S11J1PULLS - Triple 3 Input Aquery
SN74S11N11PULLS - Triple 3 Input Aquery
SN74S153NmanyPULLS - 4-Line Digital Mquery
SN74S157NmanyPULLS - 2-Line Digital Mquery
SN74S169NmanyPULLS - Synchronous Binaquery
SN74S225N9PULLS - FIFO-LIFO Regisquery
SN74S240NmanyPULLS - octal bufferquery
SN74S240NmanyPULLS - octal bufferquery
SN74S240NmanyPULLS - octal bufferquery
SN74S257NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Data Selequery
SN74S280NmanyPULLS - 9-bit Odd/Even Pquery
SN74S299N11PULLS - 8-Bit Shift Regiquery
SN74S32NmanyPULLS - Quad 2-Input ORquery
SN74S38N1PULLS - Quad 2-Input NANquery
SN74S51NmanyPULLS - 2-2-3-3-Input ANquery
SN74S74NmanyPULLS - Dual D-Type Fliquery
SRM2016C201PULLS - static RAM, 2K xquery
ST232CN19RS232 interface chipquery
ST62E30B678 bit UV erasable microquery
ST62T60C612OTP 8 bit microquery
SY2149H-24PULLS - static RAM, 1K xquery
T110A105M035A3881uF 35V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
T110A224K035A650.22uF 35V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110A225K020AS2302u2 20V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110A334K035A2120.33uF 35V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110A474K035A2090.47uF 35V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110A684K035A2000.68uF 35V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B106M020A8510uF 20V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B155K035A701.5uF 35V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B156K020A3315uF 20V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B225M035A8752u2 35V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B226M015A5022uF 15V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B336K010A3733uF 10V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B336K035A213.3uF 35V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B336M010A433uF 10V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B685K035A706.8uF 35V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110B685M035A76.8uF 35V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
T110C106M035A4710uF 35V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
T110C226K035A4522uF 35V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110C226M035A9122uF 35V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
T110D107M020A14100uF 20V 10% tantalum hermeticquery
T110D336M035A3733uF 35V 20% tantalum hermeticquery
TC4426AE0A1920DRIVER, MOSFET, DUAL-1.5A-4.5V to 18V query
TDA724110020W bridge audio ampquery
TDA72941260W DMOS Audio Ampquery
TIBPAL16R6-15CN25Prog Logic Arrayquery
TIL11684Opto couplerquery
TIP1227NPN 100V 5A 65W Darlingtonquery
TIP15016NPN 300V 7A 80W Darlingtonquery
TLS1A18A1068Telephone line sense relayquery
TMS2516JL-451PULLS - EPROM, 2K x 8query
uA3054manyPULLS - Dual Differentiaquery
ULN2003A29Darligton driver arrayquery
V23154CO721B1043Cradle Relay 24V 2 form Cquery
V23154CO722B1042Cradle Relay 32V 2 form Cquery
VJ1812A222KXGAC5000 2N2 1000V C0G +/-10% SM CAPACITORquery
XR2211CP46FSK decoderquery
Z0840004PSC2PULLS - Z80 CPU, 4MHzquery
Z0843006PSC1PULLS - Z80 CTC, 6MHzquery
Z8018006PSC2Z180 6MHz CPU (enhanced)query
Z8400A6PULLS - Z80A CPUquery
Z8410A4PULLS - Z80A DMAquery
Z8410A2PULLS - Z80A DMAquery
Z8420A2PULLS - Z80A PIOquery
Z84302PULLS - Z80 CTCquery
Z8430A1PULLS - Z80A CTCquery
Z8430A7PULLS - Z80A CTCquery
Z8441A4PULLS - Z80A SIO-1query
Z8441A4PULLS - Z80A SIO-1query


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