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Welcome to the ozcomponents.com home page where you can buy or sell your electronic components. For more details click on BUYER or SELLER.

To search for a particular component enter it's part number in the right hand box and click on FIND. To browse through the components available just leave the right hand box empty and click on FIND.

You can narrow down your search by first selecting the type of component in the left hand box.

A more specific search can be done by also using one of the three selection buttons to the left of the FIND button (note - the RESULT CONTAINS button is the default selection).


Ozcomponents is a site where you can list your surplus components for sale
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ozcomponents.com is a site for selling and buying electronic components. It is not an auction site. People can list electonic component part numbers for sale together with quantities and prices. Buyers contact sellers directly and negotiate prices agreeable to both, ozcomponents.com do not have any involvement in the transaction.